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What is Email Marketing?

Businesses may communicate updates, new items, and sales with customers on their contact list by using email marketing, a direct marketing medium. It is vital to the entire inbound strategy of the majority of firms due to its high ROI. The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional email marketing has given way to segmentation, personalisation, and consent in modern email campaigns. Even though it could seem time-consuming, marketing automation takes care of the bulk of the work for you. A successful email marketing approach over time not only increases sales but also fosters brand community.

Types of marketing emails

Promotional emails
Promotional emails have a clear call-to-action — CTA, for short. The CTA represents the specific action you want the reader to take, whether it’s visiting a page on your website or using a coupon to make a purchase.
Informational emails
Email is the perfect way to inform customers of company announcements, new product releases, changes to the service, etc.
Re-engagement emails
Re-engagement emails help reconnect with customers or subscribers who haven’t been active lately.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Conversions (selling your products and services)

Introducing a new promotion or sale? To increase sales, you might run an email marketing campaign for your subscribers. In order to increase conversions even further, consider utilizing the following email marketing strategies:
  • For subscribers' birthdays or anniversaries, in welcome emails, or as a way to re-engage your audience, provide personalized coupons or special offers.
  • Every time a visitor adds an item to their basket but doesn't check out, abandoned cart emails are sent.

Brand awareness

One of the major benefits of email marketing is its scalability. This means that emails can be sent to a large number of recipients while remaining cost-effective (compared to other marketing channels).

Customer loyalty

Email drives customer loyalty at every stage of the buyer journey: lead-nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention. As well, email marketing is a necessary tool to use alongside sales CRM systems to streamline communication.
Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, improve your cart abandonment rate or tell a story.
The best and most affordable method to communicate these days is via email. Nowadays, almost everyone has an email account, making it a huge market for company owners. Email marketing is a low-cost method of reaching out to customers and sending valuable messages. This appears to be an advanced method of connecting with your audience in your most current arrangements.

Here is the challenge

The majority of client emails are never even seen, which is a concern. However, with us, you no longer need to worry since we offer completely tailored inbox mail with 0% spam and a high open and click ratio.
We are a certified IT Service company.

Why choose Aotsum as your technical partner

Our email marketing tool enables businesses to communicate with consumers in a completely qualified way. Additionally, our responsive email designs are appealing to the intended audience and work on all devices. With the help of our services, clients may properly communicate with both inbound and outgoing consumers. In order to operate a successful email marketing campaign, we also conduct various tests. A crucial step in the advertising process is testing. It mostly deals with things like marketing timetables, email layouts, and subject lines. Our adaptable email templates are appealing to the intended audience and are compatible with all devices. The Aotsum team creates landing pages for email campaigns to ensure that we don't miss any opportunities to acquire leads. We often improve such landing pages. By keeping an eye on the click, open, and conversion ratios, we can maintain tabs on the behavior of the targeted prospects.


With a staggering 40 crore subscriber database, we have a daily bulk mail capability of 4 crore emails.
Amazing characteristics of Aotsum email marketing service include:

  • Consistent updating and maintenance of contacts list
  • Our team strictly adheres to the instructions provided by Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, and other email service providers
  • Additionally, unlike other marketing firms, we guarantee leads, opens, and clicks on a fixed mail count
  • We develop effective emails that are tailored to your company's requirements
  • We offer a thorough demographic breakdown by age, place of residence, gender, income, and other factors that make it easier for you to connect with your target market and boost conversion rates
  • Along with sending targeted emails, we also follow up with prospective consumers via email, which ultimately aids in the sale

E-Mail Marketing Modes

We work on the following modes of e-mail marketing

  • Cost Per Mail (CPM)
  • Cost Per Open (CPO)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)