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Our Specialized ERP Solutions:

* Inventory and Stock Management
* Sales & Purchase Management
* Barcode Generation, Scanning & Printing Management
* Billing With Barcode Scanner
* Invoice Management
* Employee Access & Permission Management
* Graphical Report View (Reports & Insights)
* Auto SMS/Email
* GST Compliance

How We Assist Our Clients
With ERP Solutions :

Inventory Management :

With the help of our robust stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software, you can boost your sales and keep track of every product. Utilize the serial number and product tracking features to keep track of each product in your inventory.

Sales & Purchase Management

The purchase Management module is designed to manage the purchases and billing information of the fabric/articles purchased from the vendors. It helps you to keep track of all orders placed by your vendors. The Sales Management module is designed to manage the customers and the sales orders generated from the ERP Platform. You can generate the sales order against an already existing customer or any new customer.

Inner Orders & Barcode Management

Inner Order management module is used for the internal use of the company where they can manage the inner orders against any customer with the details like customer name, Date of generation, order Id, Items, color, quantity and price. These Inner Orders will be sent to different vendors or suppliers for the further processing on item. Barcode code is a unique and centralized code generated at the time of creating an article, and this code is further processed for receiving, dispatching, and reissuing an article. With the help of this Barcode code, you can check the history of an article at different stages like dispatched, received, reissued along with the name of the merchant, challan no, and date of processing. You can print the Barcodes and these Barcodes will work for further processing of Dispatching, Receiving and Reissuing.

Invoice Management

Invoicing section help you to manage the invoices. Here an invoice can be issued by admin to a customer, related to a sales order id which indicates the products, quantity, and prices. This invoice can be downloaded, viewed or printed whenever required.

Employee Access & Permission Management

The employee management module helps you to manage the role of employees in the company with authorized access to the different modules of the ERP. With Restricted Access to the software, you can keep control of misuse. You can manage the role of employees by using an ERP solution with the specified restriction like who can edit, delete or view the information stored.
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FrequentlyAsked Question

The only question that comes into mind when any business is opting for new software solutions that how we can accelerate our business. Whatever it is, we have it. We offer every service needed to operate a business successfully. Choose us as a technology partner. We are providing a lifetime solution that stays with you 24*7/365 and forever. You can access this software solution at your ease anytime and anywhere because it is a cloud-based service.
On-premise solutions need a higher initial investment whereas cloud alternatives often offer lower upfront expenses. However, over a five-year period, cloud solution subscription charges may differ than buying an on-premise system. In terms of accounting, on-premise ERP is viewed as a long-term capital cost whereas cloud ERP is viewed as a short-term operational expense.
One of the trickiest things about getting this kind of solution is figuring out how much an ERP will cost. The following are some of the most important aspects of calculating ERP cost: The number of users or the number of transactions supported by the ERP. Complexity of ERP modules, features, functionalities, customization, and scope of implementation. On cloud or hybrid deployment ,On premise deployment versus cloud or hybrid deployment.
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